[MV] Blossom tears - Lyn ft. Leo Vixx

=beautiful sad=

If there’s no S.Pd on my title… it isnt my passion but i’m still doing it. Poor my ‘shoulder’. I know they need help but my body already tired bcs school. Am i being selfish?

I just really want to be born again.

Ravi Vixx, Taemin SHINee, Kai Exo = dorky friendship

Randomness stars, i’m laughing really hard! (watch from 47:23 till end)

Double Jonghyun for ice buckets challenge


There’s no cutie taeminnie. Wild taemin for us~

Taemin looks great!

Why i love Sarcasm? LOL

140610 - Exo OVERDOSE
*baekhyun, too much~ but still love ya*

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